Morocco 2022 – a photo diary

November 2022 saw the seventh running of our geological trip to Morocco. We followed a slightly altered itinerary this year, with a change to the order of the overnight stops, however it is broadly the same itinerary as previous trips (which can be read here: 2019 trip and 2021 trip), so this is just a brief summary with the best photos from the trip.

GeoWorld Travel’s ‘Morocco: The Trilobite’s Sahara Kingdom’ route map

Our group of intrepid travellers, from the UK and the USA, all gathered in Marrakech for the start of the trip. The subsequent 10 days saw us travel across the country, traversing the Atlas mountains and spending time in the Sahara Desert before making the return journey to Morocco’s fourth largest city. Along the way, our group were lucky enough to visit many fossil discovery sites, including the Fezouata Shale Lagerstätte and the famous Kem Kem dinosaur beds. We saw many exquisitely prepared trilobites in the museum, in the shops and in the field. Equally impressive were the many examples of Orthoceras slabs which had been fashioned into various homewares and were on sale in Erfoud. As well as the many outstanding fossil sites, we also visited an agate quarry, a salt mine and a mineral mine, examining some of the superb mineral specimens which occur in Morocco. And if the wealth of fossils and minerals weren’t enough, we also spent time in the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert, we visited World Heritage Sites in Ait-Ben-Haddou and Marrakech, and we walked through the stunning Tohdra Gorge. We completed the trip having had a wonderful time examining the rich variety of Morocco’s geology and palaeontology, and spending time immersing ourselves in the culture of this enchanting and exhilarating country.

We will be returning to Morocco in 2023 – details can be found on our website. Please contact us if you would like to find out more and if you would like to join us on our next Moroccan adventure!

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