Scotland May 2022: a photo diary

At the very end of May 2022, we completed another geological tour of Scotland. We took our group from Edinburgh, up to the Cairngorms, across to the North West Highlands, on to Skye and then out to Staffa, before heading back to Edinburgh via Glencoe! We saw a huge array of sites, many of which played pivotal roles in the history of geology – Siccar Point, Knochan Crag and Hutton’s Section. As well as that, we saw the world’s best mid-Jurassic dinosaur trackways and four different Palaeogene volcanoes, which formed during the splitting of the Atlantic Ocean.

Whilst the itinerary is broadly similar to our previous Scotland trips (which you can read about here: and, there were a new stop added to the tour this time around – Hugh Miller’s Cottage in Cromarty. This is a museum dedicated to one of Scotland’s most famous palaeontologists, located in his former home.

We’re running the trip again in late June 2022 and then again in early June 2023. Please get in contact if you are interested in joining us on the trip in the future.

Here are a selection of photos from our trip to give you a flavour of the sites and sights that we saw.

Please click on images to enlarge and to read the captions

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