Iceland 2022: a photo diary

At the start of September 2022, we returned to the geologists’ paradise that is Iceland. Following the same itinerary as in previous years, we toured the island in an anti-clockwise direction, taking in numerous awe-inspiring geological sites. Our group consisted of 11 intrepid travellers from the UK, the USA and Australia, with Dr Martin Whiteley assisting James in leading the trip. As many of the sites and the journey itself have been described in previous blog posts (Iceland 2021 and Iceland 2019), this blog is more of a photo diary to share the best photos from this year’s trip. We were fortunate to have very good weather for our trip this year, which also meant we were able to experience an excellent display of the Northern Lights – something we certainly don’t see every year. And whilst we had been fortunate in 2021 to arrive while the volcano at Fagradalsfjall was still erupting, we weren’t so lucky this year, as it stopped erupting just 10 days before we arrived! Nonetheless, we took the GeoWorld Travel group on a short hike on the first day of the tour to witness the fresh lava from the 2021 and 2022 eruptions, which was still steaming in places!

We will be running the trip again in future years, so please check our website for updated dates, prices and availability: Or you can make contact with us on to be added to a priority booking list and to receive updates on future trips.

Here is a selection of the best photos from the trip to give you a flavour of this geologically fascinating country.

Please click on images to enlarge and to read the captions


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