Day 2: Morocco’s Trilobite Kingdom 31 Oct – 10 Nov, 2016

Our first stop this morning is an amazing pre-cambrain stromatolite site near to Ouarzazate. DSC_8313

Next we head to the Draa Valley. This beautiful valley contains an oasis at is base which is full of date palms and is flanked by valley walls made up of Ordovician sedimentary rocks that are full of trilobites. Near to Zagora we stop at BenZoli where it is possible to see pieces of very large Ordovician trilobites.


The Draa valley and large Ordovician trilobites


Pieces of Ordovicain trilobite

After a good look at the site we will have a picnic lunch under the shade of a tree before a beautiful drive to a place called Serradrar. This is a site of exceptional preservation of Orthoceras. Orthoceras was a marine gastropod. Today the slabs of rock containing Orthoceras are quarried and are produced into table tops and basins that are seen in virtually ever hotel in Morocco. We will visit one of these quarries and see the amazing site of the Orthoceras in situ in the rocks for ourselves.


In situ Orthoceras fossils


More Orthoceras fossils

The next stop is the  small town of Alnif which prides itself as being the ‘Trilobite Capital of the World’. The town has several fossil shops and museums and we will spend the night here in a small hotel.


Alnif the Tilobite Capital of the World


Spaces still reaming for 2016 trip October 31 – November 10.

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