Ross Sea – the flight

Hudson Bay Sea Ice on London to Los Angeles flight
Hudson Bay Sea Ice on London to Los Angeles flight

So I have finally arrived in Invercargill after the longest flight of my life – 31 hours! The first plane was Air New Zealand’s NZ1 flight London to Auckland via Los Angeles. Even though I was Antarctic bound we first flew north, just to the south of Iceland, then over Greenland and Hudson Bay. Just look at the photo: Sea Ice!!! Of course I will be seeing plenty of that in the Antarctic, but I didn’t expect to see Arctic Sea Ice as part of my trip.

Then the plane continued south and I got a good view of the Yellowstone Super Volcano Caledera and over Las Vegas to Los Angeles. In LA there was the tiresome finger prints and eye scans and visa waiver form, when you are only in transit. Annoying but it is the fastest way to NZ from London.

Then we flew over the Pacific for another 12 hours to reach New Zealand. Once there I managed to get my marmite through the NZ bio-security controls. I don’t want to have to eat NZ marmite when UK marmite is the only marmite that will do! It was then on the Christchurch and one more flight to Invercargill.

I am here now. I slept for 12 hours and will join the ship later today…

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